Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 31, 2011- Part 2

Ive decided this will be a daily 2 part thing. At the start of the day Im going to tell you all about my goals for the day and what I hope to accomplish and at the end of the day I'll update about what really happened-lol. Like today my goals included not eating out anymore, baking a cake with Ben, and putting laundry away. What I really did was ran to the bank, took my son out for lunch, bought craft supplies at the dollar store, took the dog for a long walk with Ben, and made dinner. The clothes are still sitting in their color sorted baskets. The cake still in its Duncan Hines box. And obviousley I didnt stick to the no eating out goal either. But tomorrow is another day and I'll try again:) On the bright side I did get quality time in with Ben, wrote a budget, and got some exercise. So all in all not to shabby-bahaha. Well till tomorrow, well see if I can actually accomplish some of my goals. Praying all of you can accomplish some of yours too.

January 31, 2011

          Ive decided to start blogging about everyday life and my attempts to make since of it all. Im putting my poor family on a super tight budget to try and get some of debts paid down. Weve tried this before and it doesnt usually turn out as Id hoped. Im hoping that blogging about my day to day struggle with sticking to the budget will help me. On my list of ways to stick to the budget include, more cooking at home, no eating out, sticking to a list at the grocery store, and regular exercise. I relize the exercise doesnt seem like a money related item but I thought if I kept my family in good shape we wouldnt have to pay out docters bills as often. Well I guess Ill update tomorrow and hopefully these will become more detailed and interesting as I get the hang of it.