Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Ok March has not been a good blogging month for me :) But Im going to try and get back on the wagon starting today, it helps me feel productive. My other goals for the day include dishes, laundry, making a white cake with chocolate frosting for my husband, and folding laundry which I detest. Im finally getting into my second trimester of this pregnancy and have so much more energy than I have had for weeks. It doesnt that hurt that for the first time in weeks its beautifully sunny outside or at least it will be when the sun finally comes up.

My random thought for this post is directly related to my pregnancy. I was musing yesterday about how the different relationships in our lives give us different insights into Gods love. And more so the love we give as oppesed to the love we get. For instance my marriage help me better understand the way Gods love is expressed in the Song of Solomon that passionate all consuming type love. Then just recently a friendship of mine helped me better understand Gods never ending love. She terminated our friendship because I disagreed with some of her life choices and told her so when asked. Yet I still love her as if nothing happened and it gave me a better understanding of how God must feel when His feelings for us never change we just walk away and there is nothing He can do short of controlling our very thoughts. And finally my relationship with my children I think gave me the most insight. It wasnt until I had him that I understood #1 how God could love all us, even the screw ups, so unconditionally and #2 it made His love so much more real- for lack of a better way to state that. I mean I can NOT comprehend loving someone like that. It would be like discovering Joe had another child he didnt know about-which is not possible might I add- out there somewhere that had been raised in the most deplorable conditions and suffered the most unthinkable abuses. Now pretend we were given the chance to save that child but to do so we'd have trade Ben for that kid for a year. So for a year Ben would endure all those things but wed get him back and wed be able to give that child the home it always should have had. The catch is not only does Ben have to endur that but theres no guarantee that the other child would want to stay with us. After the year is up that child may very well choose to go back to all that and Ben suffered for nothing. Its mind boggling people!! I can honestly say I could NEVER do that but essentially thats what God did.  And the newest relationship to help me better understand Gods love is the baby growing inside of me. Up until I got pregnant the second time I could not truely understand how God could love us all so completely and indivually- as if we were all His favorites. But I understand now. I love Ben as if he was the only one and everything he does is completely amazing and in the same breath I love this baby as if Id never had any other child. I can't even wrap my mind around how its possible to love two seperate beings so completely- one I havnt even officially met- but I do. It also boggles my mind that it takes our feeble minds all those different relationships to even get a glimpse of Gods love and yet He loves us in all those different ways all the time. Never has been or will there be a more complete Love. Its crazy!!! So is the fact that it took all that to get out my random thought about loving my children-BBL

Alright now I should probably get the updates out of the way. I had an ultrasound Friday and they moved my due up a few days. It is now October 13, which because Im having another c-section, means I will be bringing my newest bundle home around Oct. 6. So I have a little over 6 months to purchase all the things I need to bring the baby home, like a crib and car-seat. Omy goodness I just almost give myself an ulcer everytime I think of how much money its all going to cost. Hopefully I can grow a productive enough garden to sell a lot of the produce and help with all the baby costs. Oh it should be an interesting summer :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

Wow I always think its only been a couple days since I last posted but then when I input the date I realize its been like a week-oops. I dont know why I wait so long in between posts, every night as Im laying down to bed I think of all these fun witty thing to say but by morning Ive completely forgotten  every single one of them. Oh well, but man if you could hear the thoughts in my head when Im thinking those funny things-BBL

I also go to bed every night with a list of things Im going to different the next day to be a better wife and mom, like making sure Ben drinks more milk or working on letters with him or actually doing the dishes after each meal. It never seems to actually work out that way though. For one my son has absolutely no interest in learning his letters, sometimes I can convince him to do his name for a little bit but he gets bored so easily and I struggle to find way to make it fun for him. I wanted to take him outside and try letters with chalk to make it more fun today but of course it cold and yucky outside today. And its supposed to be that way all weekend:( And even if it cleared up a bit its cold enough that with his cough I dont want him outside. He doesnt really like coloring or Id color with him.

I am going to try and get some blueberry muffins made today for Joe to take for breakfast in the mornings. My wifely duties, like cleaning and cooking have defiantly slid to way side the last couple months. Im SO tired. I cant wait to get a little further in the pregnancy and get some of my energy back. I was doing really good about keeping our house clean, baking, and cooking for my boys everyday until I got pregnant and now Im doing good to accomplish one thing a day before Im completely spent. I feel so useless:( Thank goodness my husband understands.

On a completely unrelated topic Ive decided to start doing book reviews as I get them read. The last 2 days Ive been reading a book called The Enchanted Land by Jude Deveraux. Its a historical romance set during the beginning of the California gold rush. A young Kentucky heiress can only inherit her fortune and family land if she marries a guy and lives with him for a year on her fathers property in New Mexico. There are several conflicts in the book, the main one being whether the two main characters will give in to their love for each other or give up on it. But in between there are several other things like the women being kidnapped while they're in transit to New Mexico and her hubby having to save her. And later she gets sold to a human trafficker that then sells her to a whore house and then shes sold yet again at auction to the highest bidder. She does eventually make it back to New Mexico but then the original conflict takes over again. It was a very good story and kept your interest throughout despite it being a rather thick book. I didnt always like the will they wont they aspect though cause sometimes it was simply caused because the guy was a jerk. But overall I would reccomend it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

Omygoodness definatly going to be praying for the people of Japan today. On of my biggest fears are earthquakes and drowning, to have to face them both in one day I cant even imagine. Praying they find all the missing people, Im praying they find them alive! And also praying that those nueclear reacters continue to not leak and that they are able to get everything cleaned up and repaired in remarkable time. Faster than anyone expected.

On a lighter note about all I got accomplished yesterday was a nap and doing some puzzles with Ben. So today there is definatly some dishes and laundry calling my name. And running the vaccum probably wouldnt hurt either-hahaha. Ben has decided to spend his day jumping around the house like jackrabbit. He keeps climbing up on top of his little stool and jumping off like hes superman. On the bright side its not real high so he probably wont break any important body parts-BBL We may also make it outside to paint Bens rock collection. I was thinking about painting different bugs on each one and lining our walk with them. Though in all reality I m not sure I have that much paint on hand so that project may have to wait until I make a trip to Target. I also need to get some decorations made for St. Paddys day and Spring and Easter. I know rediculus I havnt done any of that yet. I cant wait to be done with this trimester and to feel like a normal person again! Cause Im also going to need to get that garden in sometime this month. I have tomatoe plants, brussel sprouts, carrots, and onion plants all ready to be planted, it should be a good garden:) Well I guess if Im going to do these things I better get to it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

Oooooo very grateful for a full nights sleep:) Granted I woke up several times because I had to pee. Youd think your body would want as much sleep as possible before you have baby who will keep you up at all hours of night. Not my body though Im lucky if I get a solid 4 hours at a stretch before I wake up to potty or just wake up and lay there for no apparent reason. Yuck and I really needed sleep last night.

Yesterday Joe had me get up 5am so Ben and I could go to the base with him to get an oil change in our car, because we are still functioning with just one car. So Ben and I went all the way to base for an oil change that took a whopping hour and then had to wander around until 3pm when Joe got off work. Granted we did meet him for lunch in between times. Poor Ben again was begging to go home as soon as the car was done. I did manage to appease him with a trip to the park so it wasnt all bad. Then we ended up not getting home till late because even after all that I still had to run to the pharmacy, library, and the mall to pick a game Joe had reserved. By the time we got dinner done I was soo ready for bed and it was only 8:30:)

So as Im sitting here writing this when a commercial came on for "Your baby can read" what a crock. It may very well help children read at a ridiculously early age but by high school they'll all be on the same page again. It doesnt make the children any smarter it just wastes perfectly good time you could spend reading to them and cuddling. I dont understand why you would want your children to grow up faster than they have to? Im perfectly content to read too, snuggle-when he will, and help Ben with all those things that are still a little much for him like buttons and writing his name:) Instead of wasting my time trying to teach Ben to read today Im going to play outside with and were going to collect some new rocks. Because for whatever reason he loves rocks. We can work on reading after his birthday so hell be ready for kindergarten.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

      Ok I know its been a few days since my last post. This pregnancy has been so completely different than Bens. Ive had such a headache for several days and morning sickness that seems to last all day without end. Its been horrible! I am extraordinarily blessed that my husband understands and has put extra effort into helping out around the house. Hes made dinner several times and put Ben to bed. Im so blessed:)
      On another note our budgeting has brought new and exciting challenges to our lives. California truly is significantly more expensive than the midwest. This last week I set our budget with the same amount set aside for groceries that I always do which is about $100 a week. But even shopping at the base where you dont have to pay tax and a lot of times they have discounted prices that wasnt enough. I was very careful to only buy what was on my list and stick to sale items and I still ended up spending over $200. I will admit I cryed and had a complete breakdown over the cost and the fact that its only going to get worse. My wonderful husband calmed me down though by reminding me that though yes prices are going to continue to raise we will be paying off several debts in the next few months that will free up around $300 so it should balance out. And hopefully we will get the other debts we still have paid off in the next year. I cant wait until we actually have savings built up and our paychecks are only needed for essential bills not debts we acquired in stupidity years ago. And Id also like to be in a place that if my son wanted to go to the popcorn place I could just say yes instead of always putting it off:(
    Goals for today include getting Ben to take a bath. One thing Im definitely putting in our budget is Avon body color soaps for Easter. Ben loves those things and hes out so I for the sake of cleanliness I will be getting him some more:) Beyond that Im hoping to get the house cleaned. Its been well over a week since it was last cleaned. Granted that doesnt mean its completely disgusting its just bad enough that I would be slightly embarrassed if someone came to visit-BBL My headache is at a tolerable level today so I dont have an excuse to not do it, but dont tell Joe that just in case-BBL And my thought for the day is Praise God for spell check:)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb. 25, 2011

So yesterday started being pretty lazy. Ben wasnt feeling well so we snuggled most of the early part of the day and then he laid down for a nap and slept for 3 hours. He must have really needed it because when he finally woke up he was feeling much better. So we made cookies. They were so yummy!!!! Bens "helping" was really just licking the beaters after Id mixed everything together. Then he helped me make dinner for his Daddy. After dinner we played a game of Candyland and we finished out our night with a bath and snuggles.
 It twas a wonderful night, though when I woke up this morning I got an eyeful of how neglected my house was. Dear goodness, I desperatly need to spend the day in intensive cleaning mode. And Im praying my washer and dryer come the first part of next week so I can wash laundry!! Im super excited about them. And to help prepare the laundry room, which is also the recycling center of our house, we need to return all the recycling this weekend. Im excited about that too because in CA you get cash back for soda cans and plastic water bottles and we have like 2 months worth. Oh I suppose I should get up and actually start cleaning. Wish me luck:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 24, 2011

I never relized how many people actually read this. So I apologize that Im rather sporadic in the writing but by nature Im a procrastinator. So as soon as I think I need to write it Im come up with 50 ways to avoid it:) Im going to attempt to write more often though.
   Ben woke up this morning telling me he wasnt feeling well. So though I had great grandious ideas about being productive today, I dont think its really going to happen:) I think I will actually spend my day snuggling with Ben and watching cartoons and maybe coloring. Though Ben doesnt really like to color. Ill try to update everyone about what we actually got done or not done today:) There are several baskets of laundry calling my name behind the couch that desperatly need to be put away. They've been waiting since Saturday for me to put them away:( And I have to get it done before my new washer and dryer get here!!!!! Im pretty darn excited about those.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb. 23, 2011

    Oh where to start?! Weve had a crazy week. We started off with all of us having the stomach flu. So needless to say we spent the weekend at home which helped me stick to my budget:) Monday we all felt better and cashed in all our loose change and took Ben to Gnomeo and Juliet. Ben even saved his Valentine money and bought his own popcorn. He was super proud of himself. We got home a little late and Ben was ready for bed as soon as we walked in the door, poor little guy couldnt even stay awake for the ride home:)
    Then Tuesday was the really exciting day. I applied for a special military only credit card because I wanted to rebuild my credit that was maliciously distroyed-BBL Anyway it finally came in and you get 10% your first purchase and after much discussion Joe and I decided to purchase washer and dryer with it and paying it off with our income tax return. Instead of just buying them with our income tax- which we had already planned on doing. So Ben and I drove to the base, thinking we would take them home in Joes truck that day. We got all the way down there only to discover they didnt have the set we wanted on hand so we had to schedule in home delivery and at first I was pretty twirked that I was going to have to wait but it turns out God knew what was going on. Cause as we were leaving the base Joes truck died. He was driving behind me and said he lost all power to his wheels, then it would no longer go into gear. So we got it off the road and hurried to the on base auto-shop which was blessedly still open. Only to discover that they think its a tranny problem and they dont work on trannys. But they gave us the number for another auto-shop. We call the other guys and were blessed again when they gave us the number for a tow place that only charged $50-60 and they towed our truck like 10 miles or more. Now were just waiting to see what the damage is and how much its going to cost. I have pretty much given myself an ulcer over worring about paying for it all, but as my husband pointed out Gods hand had been in the situation from the begining. So praying God already has a way worked out and it will all be fine. Now if I could just convince myself of that:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb. 17, 2011

Ugh... Im not sure why I decided a blog was a good idea for me:) It seems like its just one more thing I have to do in a day, but Ill keep goin for my momma who calls me to ask why I didnt write somedays. Im currently watching watching Bizzare Foods and wishing I lived in Chicago-BBL My boys are in bed and Im stuck next to the magical farting dog. He seriously has the worse gas I've ever smelled, he wakes himself up.
    This morning we found out for sure we are not going to have to be moving back to the base. So I have upped my pursuit of chickens and a garden. Though I already had seeds started so there was going to be a garden somewhere! Bens convinced that when our seeds sprout the baby will be here. Poor little guy is going to be so dissapointed:(
   On that note this kid is going to kill me-BBL Yesterday Joe called and asked me to bring a copy of our lease to him at the base yesterday. I got the lease out, loaded up the kid and the dog, drove all the way to the base only to relize I had forgotten the lease on Bens craft table. My husband being the wonderful man that he is just laughed and followed me back to the house and said hed take it with him to work the next day. And if it isnt the extra forgetfulness its the crazy emtional nuttiness. I think I broke into tears 4 seperate time on the way home yesterday because of some sappy country song or just thinking about how lucky I am to be married my to my husband.
     I know everywomen thinks she got the best, but really mine take the cake. He works so hard to give Ben and I the best life he can. Weve both made mistakes throughout our marriage, but I absolutly wouldnt have it anyother way. It means so much to me when he comes home and our house is a mess because I've been exhausted and decided crafting with Ben was more important than cleaning, and he justs look around and asks if I want to go out for dinner cause he can tell I must be worn out. And its said in a loving way that just lets me know that he understand and it makes me want to cry.
    Im going to bed I'll finish this tommorrow-BBL

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I didnt relize I hadnt posted Friday so I guess I better update you all. I finally got that bread baked, and it was if I do say so myself:) And my hubby took me out for Mexican for Valentines Day on Friday. It was pretty good except that, it turns out this baby does NOT like melted cheese. I couldnt even look at the quesodilla on my plate without almost losing the rest of my dinner. I was not a happy Momma cause I love cheesy Mexican goodness, this is going to be a LONG pregnancy. Than after dinner we came home and watched movies and snuggled with Ben on the couch- BLISS
       Saturday we literally stayed in our pajamas until about 4pm when we HAD to get in the shower in order to make it to the church Valentine dinner. It was wonderful to just laze around and spend time with my boys. Like I said we finally got dressed around 4 and went to the Valentine dinner. Ben spent the night with the youth who acted as the childcare. He had soooo much fun, he didnt want to leave. In fact they let him play the drums in the church used for worship, he thought it so cool. Joe and I also had a wonderful time. They served a tri-tip dinner with grilled aspargus, potatoes, and yeast rolls. I think I ate an entire pound of asparagus:) This baby may not like cheese but it sure like veggies. It was a great night of fellowship.
      Then Sunday our church had a special service in a nearby town and we rode up with another couple in our church. The sermon was great and afterwards our new Pastor took us out for pizza. The pizza place had games and whatnot for little kids and when we ran out of quarters for Ben to play he pulled a chair up to the cash registor and asked the cashier for her quarters-BBL Then the couple that allowed us to ride with them took us around and showed us all over the area. We went to the Oroville Dam- the worlds largest earth dam. We went to the Oroville museum and learned all about Ichi the last of an Indian Tribe whose name escapes me at the moment. It was beautiful and sooo much fun! By the time we got home I was soo exhausted I fell asleep at 8:30 and was out until 8:30 this morning:)
      Ben and dont have anything exciting for today. I am planning to bake another loaf of bread because weve already eaten all of the first loaf. I used the last of it today to make french toast for Ben and I. I have roast on for dinner and its cold and rainy outside so we plan to stay in our pjs all day, watch cartooons, and play. We may even make Daddy a valentine. Im pretty excited for our quite, snuggly day. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb.11, 2011

OK I figured I better write today since my mom called yesterday to ask why I hadnt wrote yesterday. I dont want to upset her two days in a row:) My life has been pretty uneventful, sort of. Yesterday was a bit of a mess I guess. We got a call that they have a house for us on base, but our current landlord doesnt want to let us out of our this soon. He was ok with it at first because he was under the impression, as were we, that it take several months for them to get housing for us.  In fact we didnt have a military clause because our landlord understood we may only get to stay for a few months.  He was ok with it because he would have time to find someone else to rent the house. Well when they called yesterday after less than a month our landlord was not happy and refused to let us out of the lease. Joe has a meeting today to decide exactly what they want us to do about it. Praying that in the end it works out for the best of everyone involved and that Joe isnt hurt to bad by the whole ordeal. He does everything to literally be the best he possibly can. Im praying that this wont hurt his career, hes worked to hard to have this mess everything up. Im soooo proud of him regardless of how it all comes down.
           Beyond that yesterday about the extent of my day was laundry:) Lots and lots of laundry. We are blessed that our current landlords allow us to use their washer and dryer, so I do laundry once a week. And it can really pile up in a week. I also got our bedroom put together, you can actually walk around in it now-BBL Of course they would get house ready on base just as I got around to getting everyhting sorted and a schedule going:)
          I also started an exercise program because I REFUSE to get as big with this baby as I did with Ben. Dear goodness I was huge when I finally had him:) My goal is to wear my own cloths as long as humanly possible this time around. THough I did look at a few UBER cute maternity dresses that Im hoping to get. Well see though, cause Im still working on that budget thing:) I reworked our budget and if I can stick to it we would be completely debt free in two years and have a substantial nest egg, not counting our mortgage. Hopefully we can pay off that in the next 10 years though, or thats my goal anyway. Im pretty excited about cause Id really like to turn our credit around.
        Welp thats about it:) My goals for today are to finish laundry, fit in a shower, clean up the sunroom. It should be an exciting and eventful day. And well be taking intermittent breaks to pray for Joe and that whatever happens today, he is not given a bad rap over the whole thing:) I want him to have chance to show what hes capable of without this hanging over his head and haunting him.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb. 8, 2011

       OOOOOO I found it!! Heres my orginal I wrote:)

       I cant believe its been 4 days since I last blogged. Oh what a couple of days its been. I did finally get laundry put away:) And had a wonderful weekend with my boys, minus the morning sickness. Really it was all pretty uneventful but Ill try my best to update you all.
    Friday we went to family night at the church. They had the most amazing fried chicken and somebody had brought snickerdoddles. I ate WAY more than I should have. Im really trying not to gain to much this time around and Friday did not help that goal. After dinner they had board games out and I brought a matching game for Ben to play which he talked several of the ladies into playing with him:) Then he wondered outside with the other kids and played ping-pong. And by the time the night was over we ended up with a ping-pong ball coming home with us. Trying to explain to Ben that he has to take it back was interesting. I almost forgot we also got a call from the vet and were informed Bruno never had kennel cough. He had to seperate strains of puppy flu that should have been covered by the parvo shot which led the vet to believe he never got his puppy shots. So once he feels better he needs all his shots:(
       Saturday we helped Joes supiorior load a trailer cause shes moving to Reno. I managed to royally embarress him, which made my day:) Ben and I played a lot of hide-n-seek, which consisted of him telling me where to hide while he counted and then him running over and saying, "Found you!!!" What a little goober;) We also took Ben to the park here in town on Saturday. He made friends with the other kids within seconds. And we hung out for awhile until the icecream truck came around and all the other kids got icecream, but Daddy said the truck looked iffy and wouldnt let Ben get any. So instead we took him to the grocery store and let him pick out his own special icecream that we then ate on our front porch and it melted everywhere. Ben didnt mind to much cause hes obbessed with washing his hands and it was just an excuse for him to do it again.
        Sunday was a whole lot of nothing. We didnt go to church because I was throwing up all morning. We didnt watch the Super Bowl cause we decided to go outside and explore instead. We discovered our dog has a serious jealous streak against other animals-BBL Ben and I did make fresh squeezed oj and we bought some AMAZING strawberries at road side stand that we preped and froze. Im hoping to use them in a cake this week, but well see:)
       Then Monday was a very productive day at our house. We got most of the laundry put away, hopefully I'll get the rest of it today. We also got some seeds started yesterday and carpet scrubbed. Aparently if the dog is sniffing things it means he has to go potty RIGHT then! Thank goodness I have a carpet cleaner and my Grandmothers secret stain remover. We also got Ben bathed, which was quite the production. And finally I got laundry sorted. Hoping today can be just as productive. I desperatly need a bath myself:) Need to finish putting laundry away, supper started, dust the house, and call around about finding an ob. Im also hoping to maybe bake some homemade bread, but that maybe pushing it-BBL

Feb 8, 2011

I seriously just spent 20 minutes writing out todays blog only to have it disappear when I tried to publish it. I am not to happy and I dont really want to write all that out again. So the jist was we had a fun filled weekend with family night at church, park on Saturday, and exploring the neighborhood on Sunday. If I get time later today Ill put the details in-FG (thought- we need to come up with an acornym for frustrated giggle, from now on Im going to write FG when I feel that way)
   Yesterday Ben and I were very productive. We got most of the laundry put away, Ben was bathed, carpets were cleaned, and we made a yummy dinner. Hopefully today we can finish putting laundry away. I desperatly need a bath myself today and I plan on investigating obs and midwives in the area.  We also made a "need" list for the baby yesterday and got seeds started. Ben says he wants a girl baby but if it is a boy Daddy said Ben could pick the nursery bedding since theyd be sharing a room. So Ben looked at stuff with me and is currently fixated on a rockstar nursery. Oh I love how my son thinks-BBL Off we go to be productive:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb.4, 2011

Omy yesterday was definatly eventful as most of you know:) I didnt get a whole lot done, but whats new right? BBL I did reconfigure our budget to include the unexpected puppy expence, so now we are back on a budget and its super tight but it will be ok. I also got some grocery shopping out of the way but then everything got thrown in the air when I went to the docter and they told me I was pregnant!!!!
        So the rest of my day was spent telling everyone our exciting news. Weve been trying for awhile and werent sure what would happen after the cancer and chemo and all that, so that makes this baby all that more special. On top of that the baby is due on my bday. Soo excited. Now trying to decide if I want to know what it is. A big part of me doesnt but on the other hand we have absolutly NO baby stuff! So I should probably find out what it is so we can buy stuff and decorate a nursery. I also have to figure out if the baby and Ben will share a room or if were going to add a new room to the house. And how do we go about preparing Ben to be a big brother. Hes had a hard enough time adjusting to sharing mom and dad with the dog:) Oh well we will figure out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. 3, 2011

Oh where to start?! Yesterday was quite eventful. As told you all I had to throw my budget out the window after we took the dog to vet. We attempted to get the rescue group to pay for a portion of bill because they assured us he was healthy and he definatly wasnt. In fact the vet told us to take him back. So Joe called them only to discover that they had never actually taken him to a vet and had given us pills they just had around for what they thought was "kennel cough." We even have signed paperwork stating he was healthy and had seen a vet so we are still deciding what course of action we plan to take. We have decided we are definatly NOT taking the dog back, which is what the group was insisting we do. Joe asked why would take a dog, that we love, back to people who didnt take care of him properly to begin with? On the brightside the dog has only been on the meds from the vet for a day and there is already a remarkable improvment:)
           Also yesterday I took Ben in for a check-up and a meet-n-greet with his new docter. It was great right up until they poked his finger to check his iron levels and all that jazz. He freaked out and was squeezing his finger so blood is squirting everywhere. The nurse was trying to put a a band-aid on his finger and I had to stop her because hes scared to death of band-aids-BBL Finally got him to just hold a cotton ball on there and then they checked his blood pressure which I told him was checking to see how big his muscles had gotten. He has told anyone who would listen all about his adventures and how now hes convinced hes going to be playing baseball because hes all grown up:) Where does he get this stuff.
           I got that cake made after the docters visit. Its awful looking-BBL, but it tastes good! And I made wonderful fajitas for supper- sooo yummy. If I hadnt thrown the budget out the window earlier in the day I would have done really well yesterday. No eating out, made sure lights were shut-off as we left rooms, and no unneeded trips to the store. I do have to run to the store today, but Im making a list and Im going TO STICK TO THE LIST. Or at least Im going to try really hard:) And when Ive finally got this budget thing under control I think were going to try and a revamping of our diet. For real Ben and I have had chocolate donuts for breakfast the last 2 days-BBL The docter said Ben was healthy and growing perfectly so Im not to worried about it, but it should probably be addressed soon:) Maybe the garden will help that.
          We ended the day on a great note!! We found a new church. We went because they advertised a family night on Fridays and we thought it sounded really neat. So we get there and the first thing I notice is all the women are in skirts and they are all wearing their hair in buns. Then here I am in jeans, a t-shirt, and wild curls. I was worried they were going to be super old fashioned and wouldnt like me because Im a little outside the mold:) And then our son spent the service acting like a goob in the pew with us. Running up and down the aisle and jumping on the pew. I had hope though when the Pastor said in his message about reaching other that the church needed to remember  to love people as Christ would and not have predetermined prejudice against people. Then he proceeded to say that as a church our job is to love and be open to people, not treat them like rotten sinners depending on their own religous veiws, sexual orintation, or how they look. I was pretty excited at that moment because I feel very strongly about that type of thing. Then the moment of truth came after service and the people came to speak to us. And they ended up being the most welcoming and friendly group. In fact they told us they Ben had been so good and I need not worry about how I was dressed. I could wear jeans everyday if I wanted:) I cant wait to go back on Friday for Friday-Family-Night.
                I guess I should make some goals for the day. We all know the odds of me acheiving them are slim to none, but it makes me feel better just to have them-BBL I think my main goal is to do the dishes I left in the sink last night:) I also desperatly put away laundry so I can use those baskets to wash laundry tomorrow.  I may also attempt to reconfigure my budget to deal with the unexpected doggy expense. I may also attempt to learn how to spell but dont hold your breath cause Im 25 and it hasnt happened yet-BBL

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2, 2011

First and formost Happy Birthday to my wonderflus sister-in-law Liz and my Grandmother Pat Benjamin! Now that said I obviously didnt get my blog written last night, nor did I stick to my no eating- out policy either. I know, know, pathetic-lol (Thought- I hate lol so from here on out Im saying BBL for Big Belly Laugh). In my defense I did cook dinner, it just ended up tasting awful so my boys overuled me and went through the drive-thru. At least I tried right? I did manage to go grocery shopping yesterday and though I didnt acheive much else on my list, I got bills paid so it felt like a productive day:) So today I started with renewd vigor to get back on the budget track and being productive. I got out of bed at a decent time and got everyone loaded to take the dog to the vet. And then my budget got thrown out the stinking window-BBL! I'm so frustrated at the moment.
         We adopted the dog with assurances that he was perfectly healthy besides a slight case of kennel cough which they gave us medication for. So Im going along giving the Bruno his meds religously and he just seems to get worse. So we had to take him in for his heartworm test and I decided to ask that they check out his "kennel cough". The vet gets all upset and starts asking where we adopted Bruno because he was SUPER sick and he should never have been allowed to be adopted out and we should just take him back. The problem with taking him back is that it would destroy my 3 year old, who is already uber attched to the big lug. So instead like I said I threw my budget out the window and paid the $212.00.  Dear Jesus help me:)  All I can do know is pray the dog gets better and my finances magically fix themselves-BBL. Yeah when it snows in the tropics. Oh well try to get back on track tomorrow right? For today I think were finally going to back that layer cake- cause cake makes it all better.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb. 1, 2011- Part 1

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Northern California. Weve already made bluberry muffins, made a wonderflus cup of coffe, and watched Phineas and Ferb. Which might I add is one of my favorite cartoons ever right now! Sooo funny. Ive also decided on my to-do list for the day. So pray for me that I can stay focused for longer than 5 minutes at a time. I either have an adult form of ADD oooor thats just life with a 3 year old, I havnt decided. Anywho so Im hoping to get laundry FINALLY put away, groceries bought, and that cake made. And should time and attention allow I plan to get on Martha Stewarts website and check out garden plans. Ok guess Ill update you later about how much I actually accomplished:)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 31, 2011- Part 2

Ive decided this will be a daily 2 part thing. At the start of the day Im going to tell you all about my goals for the day and what I hope to accomplish and at the end of the day I'll update about what really happened-lol. Like today my goals included not eating out anymore, baking a cake with Ben, and putting laundry away. What I really did was ran to the bank, took my son out for lunch, bought craft supplies at the dollar store, took the dog for a long walk with Ben, and made dinner. The clothes are still sitting in their color sorted baskets. The cake still in its Duncan Hines box. And obviousley I didnt stick to the no eating out goal either. But tomorrow is another day and I'll try again:) On the bright side I did get quality time in with Ben, wrote a budget, and got some exercise. So all in all not to shabby-bahaha. Well till tomorrow, well see if I can actually accomplish some of my goals. Praying all of you can accomplish some of yours too.

January 31, 2011

          Ive decided to start blogging about everyday life and my attempts to make since of it all. Im putting my poor family on a super tight budget to try and get some of debts paid down. Weve tried this before and it doesnt usually turn out as Id hoped. Im hoping that blogging about my day to day struggle with sticking to the budget will help me. On my list of ways to stick to the budget include, more cooking at home, no eating out, sticking to a list at the grocery store, and regular exercise. I relize the exercise doesnt seem like a money related item but I thought if I kept my family in good shape we wouldnt have to pay out docters bills as often. Well I guess Ill update tomorrow and hopefully these will become more detailed and interesting as I get the hang of it.