Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

Oooooo very grateful for a full nights sleep:) Granted I woke up several times because I had to pee. Youd think your body would want as much sleep as possible before you have baby who will keep you up at all hours of night. Not my body though Im lucky if I get a solid 4 hours at a stretch before I wake up to potty or just wake up and lay there for no apparent reason. Yuck and I really needed sleep last night.

Yesterday Joe had me get up 5am so Ben and I could go to the base with him to get an oil change in our car, because we are still functioning with just one car. So Ben and I went all the way to base for an oil change that took a whopping hour and then had to wander around until 3pm when Joe got off work. Granted we did meet him for lunch in between times. Poor Ben again was begging to go home as soon as the car was done. I did manage to appease him with a trip to the park so it wasnt all bad. Then we ended up not getting home till late because even after all that I still had to run to the pharmacy, library, and the mall to pick a game Joe had reserved. By the time we got dinner done I was soo ready for bed and it was only 8:30:)

So as Im sitting here writing this when a commercial came on for "Your baby can read" what a crock. It may very well help children read at a ridiculously early age but by high school they'll all be on the same page again. It doesnt make the children any smarter it just wastes perfectly good time you could spend reading to them and cuddling. I dont understand why you would want your children to grow up faster than they have to? Im perfectly content to read too, snuggle-when he will, and help Ben with all those things that are still a little much for him like buttons and writing his name:) Instead of wasting my time trying to teach Ben to read today Im going to play outside with and were going to collect some new rocks. Because for whatever reason he loves rocks. We can work on reading after his birthday so hell be ready for kindergarten.

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