Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

      Ok I know its been a few days since my last post. This pregnancy has been so completely different than Bens. Ive had such a headache for several days and morning sickness that seems to last all day without end. Its been horrible! I am extraordinarily blessed that my husband understands and has put extra effort into helping out around the house. Hes made dinner several times and put Ben to bed. Im so blessed:)
      On another note our budgeting has brought new and exciting challenges to our lives. California truly is significantly more expensive than the midwest. This last week I set our budget with the same amount set aside for groceries that I always do which is about $100 a week. But even shopping at the base where you dont have to pay tax and a lot of times they have discounted prices that wasnt enough. I was very careful to only buy what was on my list and stick to sale items and I still ended up spending over $200. I will admit I cryed and had a complete breakdown over the cost and the fact that its only going to get worse. My wonderful husband calmed me down though by reminding me that though yes prices are going to continue to raise we will be paying off several debts in the next few months that will free up around $300 so it should balance out. And hopefully we will get the other debts we still have paid off in the next year. I cant wait until we actually have savings built up and our paychecks are only needed for essential bills not debts we acquired in stupidity years ago. And Id also like to be in a place that if my son wanted to go to the popcorn place I could just say yes instead of always putting it off:(
    Goals for today include getting Ben to take a bath. One thing Im definitely putting in our budget is Avon body color soaps for Easter. Ben loves those things and hes out so I for the sake of cleanliness I will be getting him some more:) Beyond that Im hoping to get the house cleaned. Its been well over a week since it was last cleaned. Granted that doesnt mean its completely disgusting its just bad enough that I would be slightly embarrassed if someone came to visit-BBL My headache is at a tolerable level today so I dont have an excuse to not do it, but dont tell Joe that just in case-BBL And my thought for the day is Praise God for spell check:)

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