Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

Wow I always think its only been a couple days since I last posted but then when I input the date I realize its been like a week-oops. I dont know why I wait so long in between posts, every night as Im laying down to bed I think of all these fun witty thing to say but by morning Ive completely forgotten  every single one of them. Oh well, but man if you could hear the thoughts in my head when Im thinking those funny things-BBL

I also go to bed every night with a list of things Im going to different the next day to be a better wife and mom, like making sure Ben drinks more milk or working on letters with him or actually doing the dishes after each meal. It never seems to actually work out that way though. For one my son has absolutely no interest in learning his letters, sometimes I can convince him to do his name for a little bit but he gets bored so easily and I struggle to find way to make it fun for him. I wanted to take him outside and try letters with chalk to make it more fun today but of course it cold and yucky outside today. And its supposed to be that way all weekend:( And even if it cleared up a bit its cold enough that with his cough I dont want him outside. He doesnt really like coloring or Id color with him.

I am going to try and get some blueberry muffins made today for Joe to take for breakfast in the mornings. My wifely duties, like cleaning and cooking have defiantly slid to way side the last couple months. Im SO tired. I cant wait to get a little further in the pregnancy and get some of my energy back. I was doing really good about keeping our house clean, baking, and cooking for my boys everyday until I got pregnant and now Im doing good to accomplish one thing a day before Im completely spent. I feel so useless:( Thank goodness my husband understands.

On a completely unrelated topic Ive decided to start doing book reviews as I get them read. The last 2 days Ive been reading a book called The Enchanted Land by Jude Deveraux. Its a historical romance set during the beginning of the California gold rush. A young Kentucky heiress can only inherit her fortune and family land if she marries a guy and lives with him for a year on her fathers property in New Mexico. There are several conflicts in the book, the main one being whether the two main characters will give in to their love for each other or give up on it. But in between there are several other things like the women being kidnapped while they're in transit to New Mexico and her hubby having to save her. And later she gets sold to a human trafficker that then sells her to a whore house and then shes sold yet again at auction to the highest bidder. She does eventually make it back to New Mexico but then the original conflict takes over again. It was a very good story and kept your interest throughout despite it being a rather thick book. I didnt always like the will they wont they aspect though cause sometimes it was simply caused because the guy was a jerk. But overall I would reccomend it.


  1. Hey. I have been building a list of links to blogs/sites that have different learning activities. I'm trying to find things to keep Cohen busy. Anyway I see where you've been working on letters with Ben, if you're interested I can send my list on to you.

  2. Absolutly!! I have most of my curriculum still from when I taught preschool, but Im always looking for new ideas:) We actually did get outside with chalk and he did pretty well.