Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

Omygoodness definatly going to be praying for the people of Japan today. On of my biggest fears are earthquakes and drowning, to have to face them both in one day I cant even imagine. Praying they find all the missing people, Im praying they find them alive! And also praying that those nueclear reacters continue to not leak and that they are able to get everything cleaned up and repaired in remarkable time. Faster than anyone expected.

On a lighter note about all I got accomplished yesterday was a nap and doing some puzzles with Ben. So today there is definatly some dishes and laundry calling my name. And running the vaccum probably wouldnt hurt either-hahaha. Ben has decided to spend his day jumping around the house like jackrabbit. He keeps climbing up on top of his little stool and jumping off like hes superman. On the bright side its not real high so he probably wont break any important body parts-BBL We may also make it outside to paint Bens rock collection. I was thinking about painting different bugs on each one and lining our walk with them. Though in all reality I m not sure I have that much paint on hand so that project may have to wait until I make a trip to Target. I also need to get some decorations made for St. Paddys day and Spring and Easter. I know rediculus I havnt done any of that yet. I cant wait to be done with this trimester and to feel like a normal person again! Cause Im also going to need to get that garden in sometime this month. I have tomatoe plants, brussel sprouts, carrots, and onion plants all ready to be planted, it should be a good garden:) Well I guess if Im going to do these things I better get to it.

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