Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb. 25, 2011

So yesterday started being pretty lazy. Ben wasnt feeling well so we snuggled most of the early part of the day and then he laid down for a nap and slept for 3 hours. He must have really needed it because when he finally woke up he was feeling much better. So we made cookies. They were so yummy!!!! Bens "helping" was really just licking the beaters after Id mixed everything together. Then he helped me make dinner for his Daddy. After dinner we played a game of Candyland and we finished out our night with a bath and snuggles.
 It twas a wonderful night, though when I woke up this morning I got an eyeful of how neglected my house was. Dear goodness, I desperatly need to spend the day in intensive cleaning mode. And Im praying my washer and dryer come the first part of next week so I can wash laundry!! Im super excited about them. And to help prepare the laundry room, which is also the recycling center of our house, we need to return all the recycling this weekend. Im excited about that too because in CA you get cash back for soda cans and plastic water bottles and we have like 2 months worth. Oh I suppose I should get up and actually start cleaning. Wish me luck:)

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