Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I didnt relize I hadnt posted Friday so I guess I better update you all. I finally got that bread baked, and it was if I do say so myself:) And my hubby took me out for Mexican for Valentines Day on Friday. It was pretty good except that, it turns out this baby does NOT like melted cheese. I couldnt even look at the quesodilla on my plate without almost losing the rest of my dinner. I was not a happy Momma cause I love cheesy Mexican goodness, this is going to be a LONG pregnancy. Than after dinner we came home and watched movies and snuggled with Ben on the couch- BLISS
       Saturday we literally stayed in our pajamas until about 4pm when we HAD to get in the shower in order to make it to the church Valentine dinner. It was wonderful to just laze around and spend time with my boys. Like I said we finally got dressed around 4 and went to the Valentine dinner. Ben spent the night with the youth who acted as the childcare. He had soooo much fun, he didnt want to leave. In fact they let him play the drums in the church used for worship, he thought it so cool. Joe and I also had a wonderful time. They served a tri-tip dinner with grilled aspargus, potatoes, and yeast rolls. I think I ate an entire pound of asparagus:) This baby may not like cheese but it sure like veggies. It was a great night of fellowship.
      Then Sunday our church had a special service in a nearby town and we rode up with another couple in our church. The sermon was great and afterwards our new Pastor took us out for pizza. The pizza place had games and whatnot for little kids and when we ran out of quarters for Ben to play he pulled a chair up to the cash registor and asked the cashier for her quarters-BBL Then the couple that allowed us to ride with them took us around and showed us all over the area. We went to the Oroville Dam- the worlds largest earth dam. We went to the Oroville museum and learned all about Ichi the last of an Indian Tribe whose name escapes me at the moment. It was beautiful and sooo much fun! By the time we got home I was soo exhausted I fell asleep at 8:30 and was out until 8:30 this morning:)
      Ben and dont have anything exciting for today. I am planning to bake another loaf of bread because weve already eaten all of the first loaf. I used the last of it today to make french toast for Ben and I. I have roast on for dinner and its cold and rainy outside so we plan to stay in our pjs all day, watch cartooons, and play. We may even make Daddy a valentine. Im pretty excited for our quite, snuggly day. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines:)

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