Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. 3, 2011

Oh where to start?! Yesterday was quite eventful. As told you all I had to throw my budget out the window after we took the dog to vet. We attempted to get the rescue group to pay for a portion of bill because they assured us he was healthy and he definatly wasnt. In fact the vet told us to take him back. So Joe called them only to discover that they had never actually taken him to a vet and had given us pills they just had around for what they thought was "kennel cough." We even have signed paperwork stating he was healthy and had seen a vet so we are still deciding what course of action we plan to take. We have decided we are definatly NOT taking the dog back, which is what the group was insisting we do. Joe asked why would take a dog, that we love, back to people who didnt take care of him properly to begin with? On the brightside the dog has only been on the meds from the vet for a day and there is already a remarkable improvment:)
           Also yesterday I took Ben in for a check-up and a meet-n-greet with his new docter. It was great right up until they poked his finger to check his iron levels and all that jazz. He freaked out and was squeezing his finger so blood is squirting everywhere. The nurse was trying to put a a band-aid on his finger and I had to stop her because hes scared to death of band-aids-BBL Finally got him to just hold a cotton ball on there and then they checked his blood pressure which I told him was checking to see how big his muscles had gotten. He has told anyone who would listen all about his adventures and how now hes convinced hes going to be playing baseball because hes all grown up:) Where does he get this stuff.
           I got that cake made after the docters visit. Its awful looking-BBL, but it tastes good! And I made wonderful fajitas for supper- sooo yummy. If I hadnt thrown the budget out the window earlier in the day I would have done really well yesterday. No eating out, made sure lights were shut-off as we left rooms, and no unneeded trips to the store. I do have to run to the store today, but Im making a list and Im going TO STICK TO THE LIST. Or at least Im going to try really hard:) And when Ive finally got this budget thing under control I think were going to try and a revamping of our diet. For real Ben and I have had chocolate donuts for breakfast the last 2 days-BBL The docter said Ben was healthy and growing perfectly so Im not to worried about it, but it should probably be addressed soon:) Maybe the garden will help that.
          We ended the day on a great note!! We found a new church. We went because they advertised a family night on Fridays and we thought it sounded really neat. So we get there and the first thing I notice is all the women are in skirts and they are all wearing their hair in buns. Then here I am in jeans, a t-shirt, and wild curls. I was worried they were going to be super old fashioned and wouldnt like me because Im a little outside the mold:) And then our son spent the service acting like a goob in the pew with us. Running up and down the aisle and jumping on the pew. I had hope though when the Pastor said in his message about reaching other that the church needed to remember  to love people as Christ would and not have predetermined prejudice against people. Then he proceeded to say that as a church our job is to love and be open to people, not treat them like rotten sinners depending on their own religous veiws, sexual orintation, or how they look. I was pretty excited at that moment because I feel very strongly about that type of thing. Then the moment of truth came after service and the people came to speak to us. And they ended up being the most welcoming and friendly group. In fact they told us they Ben had been so good and I need not worry about how I was dressed. I could wear jeans everyday if I wanted:) I cant wait to go back on Friday for Friday-Family-Night.
                I guess I should make some goals for the day. We all know the odds of me acheiving them are slim to none, but it makes me feel better just to have them-BBL I think my main goal is to do the dishes I left in the sink last night:) I also desperatly put away laundry so I can use those baskets to wash laundry tomorrow.  I may also attempt to reconfigure my budget to deal with the unexpected doggy expense. I may also attempt to learn how to spell but dont hold your breath cause Im 25 and it hasnt happened yet-BBL


  1. I understand what you guys are going through with vet expenses. Kimchi cost us in Korea over $5,000 US dollars and when he goes to the vet here, which is often, about $100 per visit because of his paws. But it's worth it, and you guys are awesome owners for saving him from that place! Also I LOVE HIS PICTURE!

    Sounds like you guys are adapting well, and having a great time. I'm glad you have a blog now! I can keep up with you exciting lives!


    Love Annie

  2. Im glad you like it:) And thanks for your encouragement, miss you like crazy too! Youll have to come out for my bday and meet the new baby:)