Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb.4, 2011

Omy yesterday was definatly eventful as most of you know:) I didnt get a whole lot done, but whats new right? BBL I did reconfigure our budget to include the unexpected puppy expence, so now we are back on a budget and its super tight but it will be ok. I also got some grocery shopping out of the way but then everything got thrown in the air when I went to the docter and they told me I was pregnant!!!!
        So the rest of my day was spent telling everyone our exciting news. Weve been trying for awhile and werent sure what would happen after the cancer and chemo and all that, so that makes this baby all that more special. On top of that the baby is due on my bday. Soo excited. Now trying to decide if I want to know what it is. A big part of me doesnt but on the other hand we have absolutly NO baby stuff! So I should probably find out what it is so we can buy stuff and decorate a nursery. I also have to figure out if the baby and Ben will share a room or if were going to add a new room to the house. And how do we go about preparing Ben to be a big brother. Hes had a hard enough time adjusting to sharing mom and dad with the dog:) Oh well we will figure out.

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