Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb.11, 2011

OK I figured I better write today since my mom called yesterday to ask why I hadnt wrote yesterday. I dont want to upset her two days in a row:) My life has been pretty uneventful, sort of. Yesterday was a bit of a mess I guess. We got a call that they have a house for us on base, but our current landlord doesnt want to let us out of our this soon. He was ok with it at first because he was under the impression, as were we, that it take several months for them to get housing for us.  In fact we didnt have a military clause because our landlord understood we may only get to stay for a few months.  He was ok with it because he would have time to find someone else to rent the house. Well when they called yesterday after less than a month our landlord was not happy and refused to let us out of the lease. Joe has a meeting today to decide exactly what they want us to do about it. Praying that in the end it works out for the best of everyone involved and that Joe isnt hurt to bad by the whole ordeal. He does everything to literally be the best he possibly can. Im praying that this wont hurt his career, hes worked to hard to have this mess everything up. Im soooo proud of him regardless of how it all comes down.
           Beyond that yesterday about the extent of my day was laundry:) Lots and lots of laundry. We are blessed that our current landlords allow us to use their washer and dryer, so I do laundry once a week. And it can really pile up in a week. I also got our bedroom put together, you can actually walk around in it now-BBL Of course they would get house ready on base just as I got around to getting everyhting sorted and a schedule going:)
          I also started an exercise program because I REFUSE to get as big with this baby as I did with Ben. Dear goodness I was huge when I finally had him:) My goal is to wear my own cloths as long as humanly possible this time around. THough I did look at a few UBER cute maternity dresses that Im hoping to get. Well see though, cause Im still working on that budget thing:) I reworked our budget and if I can stick to it we would be completely debt free in two years and have a substantial nest egg, not counting our mortgage. Hopefully we can pay off that in the next 10 years though, or thats my goal anyway. Im pretty excited about cause Id really like to turn our credit around.
        Welp thats about it:) My goals for today are to finish laundry, fit in a shower, clean up the sunroom. It should be an exciting and eventful day. And well be taking intermittent breaks to pray for Joe and that whatever happens today, he is not given a bad rap over the whole thing:) I want him to have chance to show what hes capable of without this hanging over his head and haunting him.

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