Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb. 8, 2011

       OOOOOO I found it!! Heres my orginal I wrote:)

       I cant believe its been 4 days since I last blogged. Oh what a couple of days its been. I did finally get laundry put away:) And had a wonderful weekend with my boys, minus the morning sickness. Really it was all pretty uneventful but Ill try my best to update you all.
    Friday we went to family night at the church. They had the most amazing fried chicken and somebody had brought snickerdoddles. I ate WAY more than I should have. Im really trying not to gain to much this time around and Friday did not help that goal. After dinner they had board games out and I brought a matching game for Ben to play which he talked several of the ladies into playing with him:) Then he wondered outside with the other kids and played ping-pong. And by the time the night was over we ended up with a ping-pong ball coming home with us. Trying to explain to Ben that he has to take it back was interesting. I almost forgot we also got a call from the vet and were informed Bruno never had kennel cough. He had to seperate strains of puppy flu that should have been covered by the parvo shot which led the vet to believe he never got his puppy shots. So once he feels better he needs all his shots:(
       Saturday we helped Joes supiorior load a trailer cause shes moving to Reno. I managed to royally embarress him, which made my day:) Ben and I played a lot of hide-n-seek, which consisted of him telling me where to hide while he counted and then him running over and saying, "Found you!!!" What a little goober;) We also took Ben to the park here in town on Saturday. He made friends with the other kids within seconds. And we hung out for awhile until the icecream truck came around and all the other kids got icecream, but Daddy said the truck looked iffy and wouldnt let Ben get any. So instead we took him to the grocery store and let him pick out his own special icecream that we then ate on our front porch and it melted everywhere. Ben didnt mind to much cause hes obbessed with washing his hands and it was just an excuse for him to do it again.
        Sunday was a whole lot of nothing. We didnt go to church because I was throwing up all morning. We didnt watch the Super Bowl cause we decided to go outside and explore instead. We discovered our dog has a serious jealous streak against other animals-BBL Ben and I did make fresh squeezed oj and we bought some AMAZING strawberries at road side stand that we preped and froze. Im hoping to use them in a cake this week, but well see:)
       Then Monday was a very productive day at our house. We got most of the laundry put away, hopefully I'll get the rest of it today. We also got some seeds started yesterday and carpet scrubbed. Aparently if the dog is sniffing things it means he has to go potty RIGHT then! Thank goodness I have a carpet cleaner and my Grandmothers secret stain remover. We also got Ben bathed, which was quite the production. And finally I got laundry sorted. Hoping today can be just as productive. I desperatly need a bath myself:) Need to finish putting laundry away, supper started, dust the house, and call around about finding an ob. Im also hoping to maybe bake some homemade bread, but that maybe pushing it-BBL

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