Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 24, 2011

I never relized how many people actually read this. So I apologize that Im rather sporadic in the writing but by nature Im a procrastinator. So as soon as I think I need to write it Im come up with 50 ways to avoid it:) Im going to attempt to write more often though.
   Ben woke up this morning telling me he wasnt feeling well. So though I had great grandious ideas about being productive today, I dont think its really going to happen:) I think I will actually spend my day snuggling with Ben and watching cartoons and maybe coloring. Though Ben doesnt really like to color. Ill try to update everyone about what we actually got done or not done today:) There are several baskets of laundry calling my name behind the couch that desperatly need to be put away. They've been waiting since Saturday for me to put them away:( And I have to get it done before my new washer and dryer get here!!!!! Im pretty darn excited about those.

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