Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 8, 2011

I seriously just spent 20 minutes writing out todays blog only to have it disappear when I tried to publish it. I am not to happy and I dont really want to write all that out again. So the jist was we had a fun filled weekend with family night at church, park on Saturday, and exploring the neighborhood on Sunday. If I get time later today Ill put the details in-FG (thought- we need to come up with an acornym for frustrated giggle, from now on Im going to write FG when I feel that way)
   Yesterday Ben and I were very productive. We got most of the laundry put away, Ben was bathed, carpets were cleaned, and we made a yummy dinner. Hopefully today we can finish putting laundry away. I desperatly need a bath myself today and I plan on investigating obs and midwives in the area.  We also made a "need" list for the baby yesterday and got seeds started. Ben says he wants a girl baby but if it is a boy Daddy said Ben could pick the nursery bedding since theyd be sharing a room. So Ben looked at stuff with me and is currently fixated on a rockstar nursery. Oh I love how my son thinks-BBL Off we go to be productive:)

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