Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb. 17, 2011

Ugh... Im not sure why I decided a blog was a good idea for me:) It seems like its just one more thing I have to do in a day, but Ill keep goin for my momma who calls me to ask why I didnt write somedays. Im currently watching watching Bizzare Foods and wishing I lived in Chicago-BBL My boys are in bed and Im stuck next to the magical farting dog. He seriously has the worse gas I've ever smelled, he wakes himself up.
    This morning we found out for sure we are not going to have to be moving back to the base. So I have upped my pursuit of chickens and a garden. Though I already had seeds started so there was going to be a garden somewhere! Bens convinced that when our seeds sprout the baby will be here. Poor little guy is going to be so dissapointed:(
   On that note this kid is going to kill me-BBL Yesterday Joe called and asked me to bring a copy of our lease to him at the base yesterday. I got the lease out, loaded up the kid and the dog, drove all the way to the base only to relize I had forgotten the lease on Bens craft table. My husband being the wonderful man that he is just laughed and followed me back to the house and said hed take it with him to work the next day. And if it isnt the extra forgetfulness its the crazy emtional nuttiness. I think I broke into tears 4 seperate time on the way home yesterday because of some sappy country song or just thinking about how lucky I am to be married my to my husband.
     I know everywomen thinks she got the best, but really mine take the cake. He works so hard to give Ben and I the best life he can. Weve both made mistakes throughout our marriage, but I absolutly wouldnt have it anyother way. It means so much to me when he comes home and our house is a mess because I've been exhausted and decided crafting with Ben was more important than cleaning, and he justs look around and asks if I want to go out for dinner cause he can tell I must be worn out. And its said in a loving way that just lets me know that he understand and it makes me want to cry.
    Im going to bed I'll finish this tommorrow-BBL


  1. Wow I must be old but what does bbl mean?

  2. Well I learned last night it actually means- be back later, but in my blog it means Big Belly Laugh cause I dont really like "lol"