Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2, 2011

First and formost Happy Birthday to my wonderflus sister-in-law Liz and my Grandmother Pat Benjamin! Now that said I obviously didnt get my blog written last night, nor did I stick to my no eating- out policy either. I know, know, pathetic-lol (Thought- I hate lol so from here on out Im saying BBL for Big Belly Laugh). In my defense I did cook dinner, it just ended up tasting awful so my boys overuled me and went through the drive-thru. At least I tried right? I did manage to go grocery shopping yesterday and though I didnt acheive much else on my list, I got bills paid so it felt like a productive day:) So today I started with renewd vigor to get back on the budget track and being productive. I got out of bed at a decent time and got everyone loaded to take the dog to the vet. And then my budget got thrown out the stinking window-BBL! I'm so frustrated at the moment.
         We adopted the dog with assurances that he was perfectly healthy besides a slight case of kennel cough which they gave us medication for. So Im going along giving the Bruno his meds religously and he just seems to get worse. So we had to take him in for his heartworm test and I decided to ask that they check out his "kennel cough". The vet gets all upset and starts asking where we adopted Bruno because he was SUPER sick and he should never have been allowed to be adopted out and we should just take him back. The problem with taking him back is that it would destroy my 3 year old, who is already uber attched to the big lug. So instead like I said I threw my budget out the window and paid the $212.00.  Dear Jesus help me:)  All I can do know is pray the dog gets better and my finances magically fix themselves-BBL. Yeah when it snows in the tropics. Oh well try to get back on track tomorrow right? For today I think were finally going to back that layer cake- cause cake makes it all better.

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  1. Boy does cake ever make it better :) Here is to tomorrow.